Recycling Oil is not an Option.
It's a Responibility.
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We offer a full range of Residential and Commerical Recycling and Disposal services for management of Waste Oil and Tank/Trailer Wash.

Tank/Trailer Services:

  • Complete Tank wash Services:
  • Food grade interior trailer wash
  • Exterior washes on trailers and tractors
  • Heat product in trailer to spec
  • Steam tank interiors


Waste Oil Services:

  • Recycling oil for industrial use
  • Disposal site for used oil
  • Disposal of oily rags & oil filters
  • Disposal of used oil dry & used anti-freeze
  • Disposal of sludge from floor drains and oil/water separator
  • Disposal of contaminated snow
  • Disposal of Petroleum tanks
  • Disposal for Residential and Commercial

Caledonia Waste Oil-Ent Ltd. is fully licensed and insured to operate in accordance with Environmental Regulations.

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