Recycling Oil is not an Option.
It's a Responibility.
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Company History:

Family owned and operated Caledonia Waste Oil-Ent. Ltd. was established in 1967 by Joseph and Sylvia Dollemont. The company operated under the name of Sunny Brae Laundry and Dry-cleaning located at 140 McLaughlin Drive.

Joe had big plans and with a vision of what it could be in 1988 he decided too split the two companies and move to 45 Galloway Street in the Caledonia Industrial Park. The company started out with one small building and a Tank Wash that was performed outside.

Soon after the doors opened Joe asked his son in law to come aboard and run things for him.  Danny Chapman Sr. left his job and came to work for the family business. From there Joe and Danny built Caledonia to what it is today.

In 1993 a new building was put up and additional storage areas and larger facilities were offered.

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